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Hello Dear BT-RUSHERS!

This is just a general update which you may or may not have seen in my recent video!
Basically I’m just reminding the Australian Big Time Rushers about the HUGE BTR marathon on Monday the 25th of April.

This is the schedule for the episodes:

10.00am- Big Time Audition

10.25am- Big Time Audition Pt.2

10.50am- Big Time School of Rocque

11.20am- Big Time Crib

11.45am- Big Time Bad Boy

12.10am- Big Time Love Song

12.40pm- Big Time Mansion

1.05pm- Big Time Photoshoot

1.30pm- Big Time Break

2.25pm- Big Time Demos

2.50pm- Big Time Party

3.20pm- Big Time Fever

3.45pm- Big Time Jobs

4.10pm- Big Time Terror

4.40pm- Big Time Dance

5.05pm- Big Time Blogger

5.30pm- Big Time Sparks

6.00pm- Big Time Video

6.30pm- Big Time Concert

Make sure you tune in!

It’s basically a repeat of ALL of season one. All I can say to that is SWEET! ;)

Also, We NEEEED to get Kendall (@HeffronDrive) to 100K followers! Keep the shoutouts coming! Let’s hope it’s helping him! He’s the only BTR member that hasn’t reached 100K. And cumon’… We all love Kendall, so let’s help him get there! :)

Also, BTRAUSTRALIA reached 1,500 followers! WOOHOO! Thankyou all for your continuous support! You’re all seriously the most amazing people. KEEP IT UP! :)




Carlos: Hey, James! Wanna high-five?!James: Yeah, Carlos!*Carlos high-fives Kendall instead*Carlos: HAHAHA! SIKE!

but chris how do you know my thoughts exactly when i saw this

HAHAHAHAHAHA! this gave me so much amusement!



Carlos: Hey, James! Wanna high-five?!
James: Yeah, Carlos!
*Carlos high-fives Kendall instead*

but chris how do you know my thoughts exactly when i saw this

HAHAHAHAHAHA! this gave me so much amusement!

(via nosrednehnagol)

christopherrpena   1264 12.20.10
naaaaaaaaw! <3

naaaaaaaaw! <3

fuckyeahkendallschmidt   23 12.19.10
fuckyeahjamesmaslow   19 12.14.10
fuckyeahbigtimerush   66 12.14.10

logan what is wrong with you



carlitos says:
 well it’s not as fun as like .. going to a carnival or something. taco bell doesn’t even have a play place ):
Logan says:
 …nooo. well, we can go find our own play place once we’re done at taco bell.

(via nosrednehnagol)

7 12.14.10

I definitely watched this more than 10 times. Haha! It gave me so much amusement. James and Logan are so damn cute :)


A frequently asked question:

So most of you Big Time Rushers want to know if Big Time Rush will be over after 2nd season….truth is…I have no idea. If i find anything out, I’ll definitely let you all know, but for now, i really don’t know.


Official Music Video for “Big Night”!


Music Video for "Stay In Our Pj’s (Yard Squirrel) - Feat. Snoop Dogg"